Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation was established in 2011 to support the development of women in the communities of the former Shamshadin border region of Armenia.

The BWRC Foundation’s goals are:

  • to protect women’s rights and support their advocacy
  • to advance women’s awareness of informational, educational, cultural, health and business issues
  • to support women’s civic participation and decision-making processes in politics
  • to create a network of cooperation between women’s NGOs
  • to create a network of NGOs in the Berd region
  • to prevent the processes of trafficking and migration
  • to support the freedom of speech, democracy and superiority of the laws
Since 2011, BWRC has implemented several projects directed to the local women’s Prosperty, Empowerment and Development.

  1. Berd Bear project- (since 2011 till now)- Production of Berd Bear handmade teddy bears, supporting the craftswomen of the Berd Region of Armenia. Visit our website ( for more information
  2. “Wild tea production as a new business opportunity for the unemployed women of Berd”(supported by CARE International and Austrian Development Cooperation). Pilot production of wild thyme and mint with a unique handmade packaging, done by the trainee women of the project.
  3. “We Are” local newspaper publication, supported by the Norwegian Royal Embassy.
  4. “The New Face of Old Shamshadin” cultural project supprted by AYWA (“New Breath of Culture”, EU program). Publication of Guide book and video materials, activating the role of local Museum by the help of youth groups and volunteers.
  5. TOT bag’s production supported by FAR organization, which provided empployment for 6 beneficiary women from border communities.
  6. “Rehabilitation of arable lands of Tavush village, supported by UNDP Armenia, in the frame of the GEF program. Community development program, which created new opportunities for cultivation of the landfields of Tavush village through reconstructed irrigation system.

Our Story

The Berd Bear project is one of the activities implemented by the Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation (BWRCF), and is intended to provide much needed employment for the women of Berd and the surrounding villages. In February 2011 in the town of Berd, Armenia, Anahit Badalian, with the help and encouragement of United States Peace Corps volunteer John Hart, founded BWRCF. For their first project, they arranged a showing of the local women's handicraft group and invited American-born toy-design expert and Consul for Norway and...

Our Team

Though the Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation's family is diverse among backgrounds, expertise, geographies and ages, they are united through the same passion and vision: Inspiration, Empowerment and Sustainability for each woman of our Family. Anahit BadalianFounder and Director A Berd native, She returned home after receiving her Master’s in Journalism at Yerevan State University in order to...

Our Partners

Homeland Development Initiative Foundation ("HDIF") aims to initiate, facilitate, and nurture sustainable development initiatives in Armenian communities. One of its main projects is a grass root, non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of jobs for women in the regions of Armenia, using traditional techniques and...

The Women

Who are the women behind Berd Bears? They are mothers. They are wives. They are sisters. Some are widows. Some of their husbands have left for Russia in search of employment outside of Armenia. For some, this is their first job in over 20 years, since the economic collapse of the Shamshadin region due to closed borders and barren post-Soviet industry. And for some, this is the first opportunity they have ever had to work. Aside from this project and their craft, they have limited options for income. Due to Berd Bears, many are now the primary...

Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation (BWRCF)

The Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation (BWRCF) was established in February 2011 in the Shamshadin region of Tavush province in the Republic of Armenia. Mission The mission of BWRCF is to...