Berd Berry presents: wild berry jams and dried berry teas

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Wild blue berry, barberry and black hawthorn growing in 1200m above sea level in Berd mountainous region, well-known with its healing properties.

  • Wild blue berry- prevents cancer, reduces blood sugar, and improves the eyesight 
  • Wild barberry- lowers high blood pressure, Filtration of kidney and liver
  • Wild black hawthorn-regulates the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and nervous systems. 

These types of berries have an environmental importance as well: wild blue berry is registered in Red Book and black hawthorn is endangered.

As the season of the production of wild berry jams and dried berry tea has started through our Berd Berry  project and it is limitied, we advice you to make your orders right now through our contact information: +37499051585 or

Also, if you are interested in the cultivation of wild berries or you are a local farmer, we have a guide of wild berry cultivation which can be given free.



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