Berd Berry presents!

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The project called “Berd Berry:  Cultivation and production of wild berries in high-mountainous communities in the context of conservation of local agro-ecological system” funded in the frame of  UNDP GEF SG Programme,  aims to involve local women of  high mountainous communities of Berd region in the conservation and cultivation of wild berries(blue berry, black hawthorn and barberry).asp5

At this stage, 25 households from Navur, Itsaqar, Verin Karmiraghbyur and Berd communities participated in the “Wild Berry cultivation and production” practical trainings and each household received 45 of wild berry bushes plus necessary agricultural tools for effective cultivation and future production of the berries.

It is also planned to fence already selected lands of the households and pass through the drip irrigation system, and for the first time, organize a pilot Eco production of wild berries(jams with low sugar and tea assortment from dried berries).

The project is implemented by the Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation jointly with the partner organization of  “Green Lane” and Business Support Center.

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