Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation (BWRCF)


The Berd Women’s Resource Center
Foundation (BWRCF) was established in February 2011 in the Shamshadin region of Tavush province in the Republic of Armenia.


The mission of BWRCF is to assist the women of the Berd region by creating employment opportunities, advocating for their rights and increasing their awareness and self-confidence through educational programs and trainings.


The vision of BWRCF is to decrease the levels of women’s unemployment, solve issues related with violence against women, decrease the percentage of poverty and raise awareness within the community to pressing local problems and issues.


  • To support the development Berd and the surrounding communities (Tavush region of RA) and create solutions to issues in this region;
  • To protect, support and advocate for women’s rights;
  • To advance women’s awareness of informational, educational, cultural, health and business issues;
  • To support women’s civic participation and decision-making processes in politics;
  • To create a network of cooperation between women’s NGOs;
  • To create a network of NGOs in the Berd region;
  • To prevent the processes of trafficking and migration;
  • To support the freedom of speech, democracy and superiority of the laws.

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Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment seminar

On September 30, 2012, BWRCF welcomed Society Without Violence NGO to Berd to conduct a gender empowerment and women’s leadership seminar. The beneficiaries of BWRCF, who are also employed as the makers of the Berd Bears, participated in an educational workshop on important issues such as domestic violence, women’s political participation and leadership roles and women’s rights. The seminar concluded with the women working together to brainstorm solutions to the problems in their own community and empowered them on how to achieve positive change in their own lives. Read more about it here:

“Menk Enk” Womens’ Newspaper

Director Anahit Badalian (center) gathers with the
32 interested applicants in Berd.

With a grant from the Norwegian Embassy Small Grants Projects, BWRCF will be launching a women’s newspaper – a publication which will be written, edited and published by women. Entitled, “Menk Enk” meaning “We Are” in Armenian, it will serve as the only local media resource for the Berd (Shamshadin) region of Armenia. It will be available as a monthly printed periodical and have a working blog. The first meeting (pictured on the left) was a great success as over 32 amateur journalists expressed their interest in writing for the paper. Stay tuned for our first edition!